MRNOBLS Profile Picture
Visual Art – Baltimore, MD

Artist, musician, and graphic designer MRNOBLS explores relationships between memories and culture using his own childhood as a case study. His use of bright colors, flat shapes, and characters from 90s and early 2000s cartoons in his paintings and digital art create works that are playful and expressive. Artists such as KAWS and Pharrell inspired him to explore different forms of expression including music. “I try to approach my music the same way I do my visual art, by starting with a color palette and then trying to build the sound from there”, he explained. His synesthetic approach to art has helped him develop his music and visual art in a way where both mediums feed off of each other. In 2013, He founded MADEBYNOBLS, a media and design company with fellow Baltimore artist Ivarre. MRNOBLS' art carefully balances the exploration of new ideas with the warm nostalgia of childhood. ...more