Music – Dallas - Fort Worth

Ashton Edminster is a 17 year old singer/songwriter, performer, actress and entertainer. Vocally trained since age 11, Ashton has mastered her natural ability to sing and deliver unique and pleasant sound. Always eager to collaborate and develop something new, Ashton often dives into her songs head first, writing with her experiences and personal relationships in mind. Slight in stature, her personality makes up for it! Ashton is highly active on social media, engaging with thousands of fans and followers (whom she refers to as her friends) daily. Ashton is adored by her ever-growing social media following. Her comedic timing, sense of humor and loveable demeanor can be seen retweeted and trending across Vine (80 million loops, 56k followers), Twitter (13k followers), Instagram (13k followers) and her YouTube channel (10k followers). Just search "MusicByAshton". Her presence is carried right out on to the stage as she is known to adapt her personality to the crowd before her and always makes a point to get her listeners involved in the show somehow. In fact, Ashton has performed over 75 events from private parties and charities to well-known venues like House of Blues and iconic Dallas venues, Poor Davids Pub (Dixie Chicks debut) and The Prophet Bar (Erykah Badu). She also performed for the grand opening of The Macua in Los Angeles. Ashton loves discovering new genres of music to perform in. Her songs are stories and statements, that prove her passion for writing lyrics. Her sound can be described with influences from folk, jazz, RnB and pop radio. Expect to hear clean and crisp vocals, with melodies you'll find yourself humming everywhere you go. "Classy & Bold!" says producer Geoff Rockwell (Forever the Sickest Kids, Reagan James).