Henry Vu
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Performing Art – Melbourne, VIC

Henry is a Vietnamese-Australian urban choreographer from Melbourne, Australia. His close friends know him for his fun, optimistic and positive demeanour. His gratitude and happiness has brought him around the world teaching in countries including Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. He has been taught and mentored by renowned choreographers including Sorah Yang, Laurence Kawai and Gina Michael. Throughout his training with Gina he has learnt the importance of rhythm, utilising the core muscle and the purpose and value of embodying a character through performance. Understanding his passion more than ever for dance, Henry’s biggest highlight was taking part of En Dance Camp Plus Showcase (2018) in Japan. Choreographed by Ian Eastwood and Trevor Takemoto, he met the most inspirational people that motivated others to bring out the best in themselves. Henry continuously strives to have a positive influence by emphasising why health and happiness is the foundation to understand the purpose through movement. Credits: •En Dance Camp Plus Showcase with Ian Eastwood and Trevor Takemoto (2018) •Back-Up dancing for Darren Espanto, Morissette Amon, Jay R, Maja Salvador (2018) from the Philippines •Grounded Recital Mentorship Program with Sorah Yang (2017) •1st place Australian Dance Crew Championship (BKODE) •1st place Battlegrounds Supremacy (BKODE) ...more

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Showcasing in Melbourne, VIC

EVOKE at Melbourne Pavilion – 03 Oct 2019 @ 7:00PM