Beauty – Winnipeg

The face behind the hair, The face behind the chair. Julia Gordon-Molteni, an up-and-coming 22 year old Stylist. Originally born in Winnipeg, Manitoba but she spent most of her childhood growing up in a small town in Southern Manitoba. Although surrounded by a community she loved, Julia came from humbled beginnings, losing both her parents at a very young age. She learnt fast that she never wanted a life that she had to settle for which kick started her desire for more. Julia's journey into the beauty industry began with a love for helping people. The love for the industry came after being in the trade but what drew her to the craft was the ability to be apart of someone's self love journey. In 2022 Julia applied for Aveda Institute Winnipeg with a love for helping people and was quickly accepted. She started her program and fell in love with colour, foil work, and styling. She began building a name and brand for herself by introducing her social media presence, MyStylist Julia. Quickly she fell in love with social media marketing. This love lead to her work being recognized on social media by huge brands such as, Aveda Canada, Aveda Education North America, Behind The Chair and many large salons in Winnipeg. Her work was also featured on many occasions in Aveda Institutes marketing. In December 2022, Julia was offered an apprenticeship at Luxe Beauty Lab Winnipeg. This was all before completing her program at Aveda Institute. In 2023, Julia graduated with honours from Aveda Institute Winnipeg. Julia can now be found at Luxe Beauty Lab Winnipeg, one of the city's top wedding salons, where she is working towards her Red Seal. Since graduating her love for learning continued and now she is also a certified Lash Technician and Freelance Wedding Makeup Artist. She continues to expand on her knowledge of the industry by attending classes to learn from the industry's best and top leaders for all things beauty and marketing. What does the future hold for Julia? It doesn't end at just hair. She is here for all things beauty. "Watching my clients fall in love with themselves is what fuels my passion." -Julia Gordon-Molteni