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Performing Art – Orange County, CA

Why I dance, Its in my bones and it vibes my blood. There is something about how music or sound touches my very soul and my body just flows. It motivates me; it stimulates my creativity natually. It is an element I chose to inspire others along with love, passion, hope, and beauty. I am 28 years old, a young spirit raised in Orange County. Driven by creativity and knowledge. I enjoy stretching out, reading, listening to music, and the sounds of the ocean. I pursuing a degree in Dance and currently teach. In my spare time I like to dabble with music. I freelance model as well as model and Act with American Models & Actors, OC. I was born in Sicily, Italy but raised in Fullerton. Raised in & embraced my mixed cultures and races therefore; most of my dance work is inspired by culture. My emphasis is hiphop, cultural, Latin dance also driven into jazz, contemporary ballet (lyrical), & modern dance... I started dancing at the age of 3 in Latin dance/ ballroom, shifting to hiphop, finally falling in love with ballet. I have performance /competitive experience but I just love it now, its not about the performance or competing experience. I love what I do! My choreographies are about expression and fulfilling harmony. ...more