Visual Art – New York - NYC

Najaam Lee, CEO and visual artist of NL ART, was born in Toronto, CA and raised worldwide has filled her eyes, mind, & spirit with a passion for art, fashion, music, acting, modelling and creativity. Her creative – style has graced Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Page Six, to commercials, movies, photo shoots plus Spoken Word events. A shift took place in her life two years ago & Art came knocking at her heart, pulling her to reach deep inside, rediscovering herself, the inner goddess and the fiery passion of the phoenix rising up through her art. NL ART ® is a blend of abstract and expressionism. It touches on various topics, emotions, knowledge and experiences Najaam gained, that merging both art and healing was the path carved out for her to share with audiences worldwide. To learn more about Najaam Lee and her work please visit her website.. (see web link above)