Naja Rae
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Visual Art – San Antonio, TX

Hello fellow artists! My name is Naja Rae Garrette, and I am a visual artist from San Antonio, Texas. I am currently studying graphic design and illustration at Lamar University, and am in my Senior year. I'm an African American female with big dreams of creating my own clothing business and someday travelling and showcasing my work all over the world! I have a canine son named monty, two parents that love and support me, and one little bro who tops all the young entrepreneurs I've yet to know. My range of styles and interests vary with my experiences and learnings, but I'd have to say that my inspiration comes from surrealism and occult culture. My clothing brand is in the works currently, so I wont disclose any crucial info about that, but let's just say...its quite slimy...and a bit trashy..with a dash of rodent flair. ...more