Muhammad Naqee

Visual Art – Chicago

My art and jewelry include NFC chips (programmable tags) that redirect to any number of interesting things. NFC stands for Near Field Communication which is a set of close-range wireless communication standards. NFC-equipped smartphones and other devices can exchange information with each other with a tap or wave. The NFC chips (programmable tags) don’t require batteries, but do have memory to store data and/or instructions to do a lot of interesting things. When you place your phone’s NFC reader near the NFC chip, the NFC reader provides power to the NFC chip, and can read the data from the NFC chip, such as a video of me creating a piece of art or jewelry. In order to experience the wonders of the NFC chip, first check whether your phone or device is NFC enabled by going to your device’s settings under Wireless & Networks to enable the NFC reader feature, then tap or wave your NFC enabled device over the NFC chip to experience the wonders embedded in my art and jewelry