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Craft – Minneapolis, MN

Native Wrapz is the soul emenation of Codie Lafromboise, a 25yr old humalien learning to continiously open his heart to vulnerability and the loving lessons that nature provides ♡ Codie has cultivated this sacred space to share his love for Mother-Earth through physical manifestations of his creative mind. By harnessing the immortal mathmatical language of the universe, Codie has learned to use dynamic bends and intentional weaves to form the timeless structures that craddle the energies of the earths unique gem & mineral masterpieces for lifetimes to come! He hopes that each talisman he manifests serves it's possessor as a daily bridge back to their deepest truth and our roots together, as pure divinity. Children of the Earth~~ Rise & Remember: In solitude we heal ourselves. So that, together we may heal our planet ♡ ~I Love You~ Codie ♡♡♡ ...more

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Showcasing in Minneapolis, MN

PREMIERE at The Pourhouse Downtown (18+) – Feb 26, 2020 @7:00PM