Accessories – Philadelphia

In my work, I am equally committed to creativity and incorporation, and I often feel that my most inspired decisions are a direct result of finding unusual raw materials in thrift stores: hot pink tulle, strangely-dyed leather jackets, dresses not even a grandmother would wear. I have been thrifting since I was in high school, back when strange tshirts were my favorite thing to look for. The cheaper they were, the prouder I was of my find! Over the years, I have tried my hand at several art media, from photography to jewelry-making and crocheting, but it wasn't until I asked my mother to teach me how to sew well that I felt really at home in my work. I soon found myself buying items in thrift stores not because I wanted to wear them, but because I wanted to take them home, cut them to pieces, and make new bags out of them. I've used everything from curtains and tablecloths, ties and belts, and place-mats. In a way, I think of my work as a completely organic product of my life experience and favorite things, which is why I'm proud of it. And you can be assured that if you carry one of my bags, a Nice Rakc, you won't see anyone else with it, because I make each piece with materials you probably won't find anywhere else. My bags can be seen at and