Nicole Edens “Colee Art”

Visual Art – Seattle

" To make art is to let your soul speak, no, sing. To turn yourself inside out and everything that you are, everything that you want to be is released and magic is created. It is a window that others are able to peer into yet not enter. It is vulnerable and untamed, it is intimate and free. It is who we are and what we are. Art let's us speak without saying a word." -Nicole Edens Nicole Edens grew up in Shoreline with a musically talented father, loving and encouraging mother and an artistic sister. Nicole loved art from a young age and though she did not extend that love to her college career (University of Montana/Central Washington), she pursued art in between academics. While practicing/studying Buddhism, meditation and anthropology, Nicole continued to paint in her free time and found it most rewarding to her soul. While attending the University of Montana, her sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After finishing college, she moved back home and made the decision to put art on hold. During this time, she met her husband and focused on family. After her sister's passing in 2008, her dedication to her sister's memory eventually led her to finding art again. Inspired by her sister's art, creativity and passion, Nicole began to realize that art was what was missing in her life. Art was what kept her spirit, as well as her sister's spirit alive. Now, with two beautiful children, a loving husband and supportive friends and family, Nicole has worked towards turning her passion for painting into a small business. The main medium she uses is acrylic paint with a contemporary/abstract style, though she loves to try anything and has dabbled in fluid painting. On each finished painting, Nicole hand writes a unique poem found on the back of each canvas. All poetry are original pieces created by herself. Nicole's future goals are to expand her small business and clientele, have her art featured in a gallery and continue to develop and expand on her painting techniques.