Nicole Ely-Joshi

Photography – Calgary

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I specialize in capturing emotive Boudoir, Couples, Lifestyle, Travel and Creative moments. Nicole Ely-Joshi Photography was born from my desire to honour, inspire & empower everyone & everything I am fortunate enough to photograph. Your story, their stories, deserve to be recognized and authentically documented. However, Nicole Ely-Joshi's Photography's mission is bigger than just me. ~ We have aligned because you are ready to reconnect with yourself, realize your beauty and radiate your inner-magnificence by being reminded of your resplendency. My desire is to share my heart-felt energy by creating luxe photographic opportunities, experiences that are tons of fun and soul-freeing, and artworks just for you that are emotion-captivating. ~ My love for travel provides me with opportunities to also document people, places and events around the world. So very grateful. ~ Philanthropy is my ultimate end-goal, and am shortly opening a Not-for-Profit Luxe photographic experience. Stay tuned!!! Though I graduated with a Bachelor’s and pursued a Master's in Education & French Literature, with a focus on Severe Special Needs, Neuropsychology and Brain Trauma, my first love, Photography, ultimately won. Upon moving to Calgary from Denver via Rochester, Boston, and Taichung, Taiwan, I completed a Photography Certificate at SAIT. However, most of what I’ve learned about photography, and my distinct style, was inherited via osmosis from my professional photographer parents back in the day. I am constantly honing my craft through expert learning opportunities, be it through classes, workshops, or approaching those in the field amongst whom I strive to be recognized as their peer in their circle of brilliancy. Wife, to my true love of 20+ years, Momma to my 2 littles, who are no longer so little, but will always be my babies, lover of walks in nature, music of most genres, and time with f(r)amily, a true water being (I can sit and play in water for hours upon hours), working out, and big belly-felt laughter. I am looking forward to connecting with you. Xoxo, Nicole