Carl Sparkz

Performing Art – Minneapolis

Growing up in the Tri-State Siouxland area, Caroline began her studies at the young age of 7 with classical dance training (ballet jazz tap). She continued her studies in Performance Art at Iowa State University a year after she discovered the wonderful world of Flow Arts in 2009. She wanted to incorporate object manipulation into her dancing, and vice versa. Her studies\' main foci was in different teaching methods for all ages, letting go of the fear that keeps us from moving, and conditioning the body for dance. She now resides in Minneapolis to pursue a full-time career in performance, instruction, and to improve her hoop business, NomadicTwirler. Forever learning, she is determine to inspire the hearts minds and souls of those who search for something more in this life. She\'s a child of the Sacred Circle (hooping), and has been picking up fans, contact staff, double staves, poi, clubs, and aerials. Always eager to learn, she pulls her drive from the excitement of sharing the knowledge and inspiration she holds with those willing to learn and explore with her. This year Caroline coined the stage name Carl Sparkz, and hopes to continue to grow as the performer and motivator she was meant to be. With the love in her heart and the light in her eyes, she will accomplish anything. And only wants to inspire others to feel this way :)