NOVA2020 Profile Picture
Visual Art – Baltimore, MD

Hey everyone my name is Lee Rasanen and I am from Long Island New York. My wife and I recently moved to Baltimore and we have been loving exploring this beautiful city and all of the amazing art on every corner. I have been painting canvases and murals for the past 12 years and I currently run an Etsy shop by the name of NOVA2020. I have always been obsessed with graffiti and street art, walking the streets of NYC and seeing all the different pieces and tags going over each other. Each person leaves their mark in one way or another and it creates such a beautiful unintentional collage. The textures and patterns layered over and over has always made me stop in my tracks to admire the detail. The chaos of it all is so beautiful to me, and I use that for inspiration in all of the pieces. I want to constantly have fun and surprise myself when creating, and I hope that in doing so I will inspire others to chase their dreams. ...more