Music – Pittsburgh

DJ NUKE KNOCKA is a professional with many years of DJ experience. He began his career at an early age with music production and crafting \"DJ Mixes\" from his own music collection, including both old school classics and new releases. Within a short period of time, his DJ mixes began circulating throughout the neighborhood and his compilations became a household name. After years of perfecting his talent on the turntables, Nuke Knocka felt confident to expand his horizons and make his passion a career after being sought after by many colleges, universities, student organizations, promoters from other cities and locally. Since then he has continued networking, DJing many events/ parties, hosting, and mixing many exclusive CD releases with recording artists. Nuke Knocka is well equipped for all types of music which include Hip Hop, Top 40, Rock, RnB, Dance and Reggae/Dancehall. Once you’re on the dance floor, you will see why DJ Nuke Knocka is known as “THE #1 PARTY ROCKA”.