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Photography – New York - Brooklyn, NY

My name is Alec; traveler, photographer, musician, poet, soccer player: I try to acquire various skills, hoping they will allow me to progress smoothly, humanely through this wavy jungle of lives, I desire to inspire those I love and hold dear, and those I have never met, to people I hold near and far to my heart, Strangers I meet, new friends found on a night-out street of freshly dew sprinkled cobblestones, somewhere not here, Living life in order to understand as much as I can, learn and fall entranced with the beauty surrounding humanity, Find, play and coincide with the sparks of creativity, respect, decency, support, generosity, benevolence, love, All waiting to be connected with and grow in evolving, different ways, Come close, take a break from the violent, tempestuous, tumultuous, angry world, Let us create and play instead ...more