Visual Art – Orange County

b.1991. Orange county based Artist \"ODIT VICTIM\" began to draw from an early age creating short graphic stories for schoolmates. Throughout the years Odit has Developed his work and has sought to continue telling stories in the form of paintings, drawings, stencils, and posters. Odit\'s Alias is derived from the word Audit which in short means to scrutinize or examine,no more than just a victim himself odit chooses to create drawings that are submersed in Myth,Conspiracy,Environmental issues and Socioeconomic factors. Using this alias he has been showcasing work around California walls and gallery\'s for the past few years. Odit\'s work carries deep roots from Skateboarding, Graffiti, manga, and music and is influenced by the Streets many great artists. He continues to work for the victim\'s eye in which he focuses to bring about questions and to create a unique new sense of time and place. Visit ODIT VICTIM www.odity.weebly.com www.facebook.com/odtvctm