Music – Baltimore

Hey! I'm Old Chingu 오랜 친구 (Old Friend) - or you can call me, Philip Lee. Maryland-based | Korean-American | Love Jesus & Love people I learned to love Baltimore City and its people because my family owned a Fried Chicken, Fish & Sandwich spot called "Lake Trout". It was always easy making friends growing up, however, I struggled with self-identity during my youth. Even though I was strongly tied to my Korean heritage and culture, I felt more connected with the African American community. Throughout my life, I prioritized a hard work-ethic because of family, but I learned to love building genuine relationships. This stemmed from a young age when my parents went through a divorce. I worked hard for everything I got. I exhausted myself working 2 jobs, playing sports, and selling drugs. Eventually, I got addicted to the act of selling drugs, while my friends were addicted to the product. Once I entered Howard Community College, I attended an EDM show called "Basslights". Long story short, I got messed up on multiple drugs, went to the hospital, then to Jail, and believed I had died - all in the same night. Through this revelation, since I thought I was dead... I went all in for giving my life to God and praying that my friends and family would be safe. This was the first time I prayed a real prayer - not that quick one before the family dinner, or those half-hearted ones at church retreats. This was a genuine conversation with my Creator. God changed my life that night and led me on the right path. I still struggle with the same problems I had in the past... but now I have hope in a God that is the Alpha and Omega. I was saved and was shown real love - a love that is not temporary nor will ever leave me, a love that I do not deserve. This is where my music and art enter the story. Growing up, I loved drawing and painting, but after that transformation, I practiced art intensively to better my craft (anything I could create). I freestyled almost every day with my friends and created fun songs. Realizing that I had skills and an incredible work ethic, I started to create music seriously. I released my first song called "In My Head" at the end of August 2018. I shot the music video and edited everything with the help of a close friend. The few fans that I had loved the song and shared with all their friends. I was greatly encouraged but I had to keep it moving. Less than one week later I released a new song; I kept pushing new content and managed to garner 10,000 followers on Instagram and 1,000 subscribers on Youtube. This is all thanks to the Lord and just pushing out content consistently and being authentic. I am starting a real movement by inspiring the youth to take on purposeful lives. Thank you for your consideration to add me to the Raw Artists Collection. Here to make an impact! -Phil aka Old Chingu