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My name is Olga Semenova (people in Calgary, (Canada) know me as Olga Sem) and I am the CEO OLGA'S International Trade (Canada-Calgary), Founder Masks International Show (Canada-Calgary), President VIZARD Production (USA-Las Vegas), Producer Theatrical Show VIZARD and Movie"VIZARD", Masks/Headdress/Costume Designer, Co-Writer Book "VIZARD the Beginning " Welcome to my world of fairy tales, riddles, and the enduring mysteries of the Eternal Carnival. I would like to share with you my passion for the creation and design of exquisite masks. I learnt my craft long ago in the beautiful city of Venice. I was born in Kazakhstan to a Ukrainian father and a Russian mother and was brought up in both cultures. We are moving to Canada in March 2012. New life, new culture, a new language - it all caused a deep depression which I could not overcome for a long time. Accidentally, on the news, I saw a brief report from Venice about the masquerade. It was like a flashback to my childhood when I was a student of the Arts School and my favourite was the period of Renaissance. It was a point in my life when I found the way out from my depression and started to create my own masks. Pretty soon all the walls of our house were full of the masks and the process of creation became the way out from the depression, which was mentally killing me. In Calgary, I met so many talented people that could help me to truly follow my passion and fulfill my dream. ...more