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We are a team of two who create orgonite energy devices. These devices utilize a technology that was discovered by a scientist, Wilhelm Reich, in the 1940’s and later improved upon by Karl Welz, who invented orgonite. Orgonite technology gathers, concentrates, and transmutes the orgone energy (life-force energy) that is already in the environment. Positive ions are transmuted into beneficial negative ions. Orgonite devices also transmute harmful electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from modern technology. Many people report improvements in overall wellbeing. These devices are beneficial to humanity and earth in many ways. We put a lot of love into our creations and have a great passion for sharing them. Our current earth mission is to assist with the upliftment of planetary energies through these divine creations. ...more

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STELLAR at Aztec Theatre (18+) – Nov 12, 2019 @7:00PM