Orly Faya

Visual Art – Northern Rivers

Orly Faya is the founder of Creations Calling and the art director of her own life. Born in Australia with roots in Scotland, Poland and Israel, Orly has spent the majority of her adult life world travelling and living in various continents. With a background in anthropology, Orly is a rebellious multi-media artist who aspires to make ripples that transform through the science of ART. An internationally recognised award winning body painter, Orly Faya blends people into the landscapes of the world and exhibits photographic artworks along side the stories of transformation, whilst performing a cocktail of wordsmithing and storytelling. Her intention: to inspire activism through creativity and make measurable differences whilst helping humanity remember the source of our own creation: OUR BEAUTIFUL EARTH Having only recently (4months) landed back in Australia, her current inspiration stems from her personal interest project around the question \"what does it mean to be Australian?\". \"Painting the spirit of Oz\" is an exploration into Australian culture - and a tool for bringing us closer to one another, whilst highlighting our innate human connection to land. By painting the rainbow plethora of humanity into the lands of Australia, we expand the concept of being \'from the land\' to all humans, so that the highest priority of care for the mother earth. On the 31 Aug, we will honour the people of the bundjalong region, merging brother Esh and sister Bebop with Rocky Creek. Blessings upon healing in this land and on earth.