Ozi Jarel
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Music – Brisbane, QLD

Ozi Jarel is a Ugandan and Sudanese poet who is inspired by his upbringing in an ethnically diverse community. He is unique in the way he explores the stories of his ancestors through rhythm and intricate word-play. After performing these experiences in East-Africa and South-East Asia, he moved to Australia. Here he continues to captivate audiences with the way he paints a timeless picture in the minds and souls of his listeners. "Cash" one of the singles off his EP, Baobab I was played on 5 different shows on Triple J as well as UK radio station Kane FM. With notable performances at The Triffid, Summer Solstace Festival ‘18 and Queensland Multicultural Award ’18 at The Hillton, Brisbane. In 2018 he won the Grounded Show spoken-word competition hosted at Schonell Theatre, UQ. Ozi Jarel performed his first headline show in Brisbane on 11 May ‘18 at The Flamin’ Galah launching debut EP, "Entities". In 2016 he supported multi-national band “Indigo and the lights” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the Jazz club, "No Black Tie". In 2015, he released his second Mixtape, "The Veritas" and launched the entire project on the largest chart hosting radio station in Uganda, "Hot100". Since his first mixtape, "The Damnatus" which was released online in ‘13, Ozi Jarel has mastered communicating with crowds through his intense presence and powerful rhythm. He's modern yet tribal, thoughtful yet conversational, he's Ozi Jarel. ...more