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Painting Pastry Chef

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Visual Art – Toronto, ONT

I am a visual artist in Toronto, ON that specializes in black and white realism. My main mediums are graphite/charcoal on paper and acrylic on canvas. I tend to try to incorporate beads and glitter to add texture and sparkle to my canvas pieces. My main inspiration is the beauty of the human form. I enjoy studying a face or body, and recreating every line and curve with my perspective incorporated in it. Not only expressing the uniqueness of the figure I am depicting, but also expressing my personality and style through my work. ...more

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Showcasing in Toronto, ONT

STELLAR at Mod Club (19+) – 13 Nov 2019 @7:00PM, 14 Nov 2019 @7:00PM, 15 Nov 2019 @7:00PM

Exhibiting on: 14 Nov 2019 @7:00PM