PANIC Rodriguez

Visual Art – Long Island

I am an original NYC graffiti artist from the 1980\'s who went on to earn an A.A.S degree in the field of Art & Advertising Design. After college I proceeded to work for various advertising agencies as a graphic designer and mechanical / layout artist. I joined the NYPD in 1991 and currently am a detective assigned to the forensics lab in the ballistics unit. My duties there as firearms examiner / microscopist are to test fire weapons as well as examining fired ballistic evidence under a high powered microscope and determine if there is any connection or link to a particular firearm. After 23 years with the police department I currently find myself gravitating back to my true passion which is the artwork itself. While creating my pieces I combine not only my aerosol and graffiti skills but also acrylics, pencils, brush and wheat pasting techniques. It can be described as urban street art brought into your living room in a contained surface which is in the form of a canvas or wood.