Music – Salt Lake City

Funk/Rock/Pop Trio from the Heart of Salt Lake City. With too many musical influences to to list this band is one of a kind. Paper Elephant was formed when a group of friends had the same vision of bringing back an old sound in a new way. This trio has deep roots jamming together in garages with various musicians dating back years before the band was even an option. One day in 2018 something changed and a dream they all shared became a driving point to bring music from the soul back. Which is a funny point to make about two “Gingers” that may or have may not have been separated at birth and both named Ryan. Backed by the smoothest drummer with he deepest book of chops, Mr. Henley Higgins. Ryan Garner (Lead Vox/Guitar) and Ryan “Ulch” (bass) are guaranteed to get you movin’ and groovin’.