Photography – Montréal

I was born in the South of France 46 years ago where I grew up for 20 years under the sun of the French Riviera. In 1998, I moved to Paris in order to become an engineer specialized in biotech & the sciences of life. Surprisingly, I never practiced as a bio-engineer. By luck or by fate, I joined the marketing teams of a leading beauty company 20 years ago. Since this moment, I have been leading there products creation, brands strategies, advertising campaigns, digital media & more recently Ecommerce. Beyond luck or fate, entering the beauty industry was not a drift but a reconnection to my inner-self, to my love for images since I was a child, and to the photography universe. As advertiser, I have collaborated multiple times with famous photographers on global campaigns featuring super models or renowned actresses. Behind the control screen, I have been the client checking when images met expectations. I have decided when “we had the one” on the disk, for instance. Ultimately, these experiences have sharpened my eyes to judge and project creative ideas. Over last years, I have been exploring how to build images by myself, behind the camera. Catching beauty is what drives me. Without constructing it or faking it. Simply feeling with an eye what has a potential, to reveal it with the right frame, the right angle, at the right instant. I shoot both with sun natural light and with studio material, depending on what I want to reach. Ultimately, whatever the image was made naturally or artificially, the whole work will disappear and reveal effortless photos.