patty eljaiek

Visual Art – New York - NYC

born into a family of artists, musicians and poets in barranquilla, colombia, i came to n.y. at the age of 3 and discovered the monkees, i love lucy and and WABC radio, thus adopting my new country as my own through pop culture. surrounded by art and much adult conversation about politics, music, and literature i grew up thinking that everyone saw baryshnikov dance at lincoln center, went to see \"the lion in winter\" on their first date and had an aunt who introduced you to lenny bruce at the age of 12. although we had museum quality paintings hanging in our modest astoria apartment (courtesy of my aunt and uncle), i did not attempt to follow in their footsteps until high school. at w.c.bryant, mr. weber, my junior year art teacher discovered i had \"a good eye\" and encouraged me to stretch myself. he helped me put together a portfolio that while not impressive, showed potential. that was enough to get me into the school of visual arts, which changed my life. i found my tribe and finally understood how lucky i had been to be born into a family that passed along such an incredible gift. now, i have done my best not to waste it and to keep passing it on to my own children and enjoy watching it grow.