PD.Athana Profile Picture
Visual Art – New York - NYC, NY

A self motivated and dedicated artist, Peter Athanasopoulos, 30, is an NYC based Artist living in Queens, New York. Unlike other artists, Peter’s story is not one of an artist who discovered their love for art at a young age. His ability to produce beautiful work did not come effortlessly and swiftly as many successful young artists. Peter sketched tirelessly into his school books for decades until realizing at the age of 25 his true passion and natural ability for art. Requests from other local artists began pouring in, and as he viewed each individual artist and their feedback on his sketches, his confidence started to flow through. Using a variety of different types of media, but sticking to his urban style, Peter has managed to approach abstract art in an unfamiliar way. Using paint markers, lots of dripping paint, and a graffiti-esque approach, he takes his talents to show that he is not limited. Pushing the limit to the best of his ability, he has been apart of art shows and exhibitions across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island and continues to be not only an artist, but a social butterfly with an effortlessly friendly attitude. Peter’s effort in the art world continues to grow, as his passion for art has extended into art curation. Starting in early 2019 Peter Athanasopoulos looks to talk a new approach to his artwork through art self curated art exhibitions throughout the city where he can display his own art and to pay it forward to include other artists seeking to make a name for themselves. Also, in 2019 Peter Athanasopoulos, PD.Athana, expects to release a launch date for his upcoming line of apparel with a name to be determined. Stay tuned. ...more