jesse r lentz

Visual Art – Philadelphia

Jesse Lentz is a sculptor who focuses mainly on the idea of toy and touch. The physicality of an interactive sculpture has been a primary part of her sculptural work since she began practice. Learning the lost wax process of bronze sculpture as well as jewelry casting, welding, and other metal working techniques influenced her relationship to materials and craft. Animals and the human form have been a major inspiration point in all her studies. After moving to the city she began working in different mediums; including wood, plastics, felt, and found object. With more freedom in what she could create, Jesse chose to study found object more closely. Inviting the viewer to touch and play with the sculptures, creating an ambiance that is meant to make the audience remember and bring up some visceral memories associated with the objects both found and created. Currently Jesse is focusing on the body and its senses, while exploring voyeurism and privacy in our culture. This is done through dioramas, miniatures, natural elements, and dollhouse pieces. Jesse currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in 3D Fine Arts.