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Jewelry making has always been a part of me; I remember deconstructing jewelry gifts that my parents would bring home from their vacations, to restyle them to fit me better, and spending hours with my friends braiding string bracelets, and making beaded necklaces. But, my overriding love of fitness lead me to a degree in Exercise Physiology. I truly thought I would have a profession in the fitness world, BUT instead, ten years of working in catering happened. Jewelry making was a hobby at this point, but was fed when my sister opened a gallery to show local art. I jumped in, and things have snowballed ever since! After my daughter was born, I used my at home time to grow my shop on Etsy, to take part in art shows, and display at local stores in Knoxville, TN, I love the puzzle-like process of jewelry design. It's almost like problem solving but with fit, texture, shape, size, and balance. What I most love about my jewelry is the feeling it offers as a gift for the times in life when we celebrate milestones, need a smile, want to remember, to support, or just to feel pretty. The word I would use to describe my jewelry is MEANINGFUL. ...more