Visual Art – Calgary

Hi! I'm Jenn. I'm a self-taught artist, currently living here in Calgary. I create minimalistic, yet detailed, ink sketches with pen and marker. They are done in black and white without a background to portray an old-school, rough yet sexy, style. The elimination of a background gives me the power to really focus my viewer's eyes on the personality and texture of each animal. It also helps create a more modern and clean look that beautifully contrasts some of the statement pieces in your home, without causing clutter, clashing, or a feeling of chaos. This allows one to have a lot more artwork in their home; something I highly condone :) Oil painting is my main medium, and it is where I keep my colours and backgrounds. My oil paintings are a lot more time-consuming so I created my ink line as a sort of 'brand' that I keep separate from my paintings under my artist name. I find myself currently inspired mainly by animals and mountain ranges. Living in this beautiful part of the world, how can I not be.