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Pia Rene

Visual Art – St. Louis, MO

Pia Rene is a Colombian-American artist from St. Louis, Missouri. Her moniker stems from her childhood nickname combined with her middle name. Pia’s intention is to symbolize the intimacy within her artwork, like she’s shared a close, loving relationship with her family and friends. Pia’s career bloomed in high school, and her developing talents followed her through college. At St. Louis Community College, she dropped her art classes in determination of developing her own identity in the art world. Pia intended to find her own abilities without the restrictions she felt were placed on her. At 19, she left St. Louis to discover a new world of art in Santa Monica, California. Pia now resides in St. Louis, creating fluid and vibrant pieces that that captivate any viewer. Inspired by the diversity of Los Angeles, Pia brings the same energy in her work to provide healing in her city. She creates pieces that inspire others to connect and unify. Pia encourages fearlessness in her pieces by unashamedly sharing her story. Pia’s work is attractive, as it reflects the nature of human existence; finding beauty in negative and positive spaces. ...more

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