Quad Clothing Company

Fashion – New Orleans

Gorquins\' Fashion and Hair Design was founded in 1995 in Seaside, Ca. It focused on fashion and hair designs that were unlike any other. If you were a fashion forward daring individual, this boutique and hair salon was the place to be. Due to such a large demand and an increase in production Gorquins\' merged in 2002 and developed the name \"Platinum House of Style\" A self starter, self motivated, hard working C.E.O. of the business describes Indrea who always strives for the best. Indrea\'s designs are known for its unique style mixed with unusual fabrics worn by some of the most elite fashion goers. Indrea is motivated by the look in a woman’s eye when she knows what she’s wearing is flawless. Indrea says, \"if you look good, you feel good”. Since 2004 the company has relocated to the Gulf Coast region of Louisiana where it continues to be one of the industry’s best kept secrets. Our focus is for every woman to “Make a statement without saying a word”. Quad Clothing Company is for those that are serious about style.