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Craft – New Orleans, LA

Queen of Orleans is the name affectionately given to the second line umbrellas created by Kourtenay Roberts. Fitting because it is the magical accessory used in New Orleans photos and art pieces which captures the true spirit of the people. Kourtenay prides herself in cultivating and curating these sometimes one of a kind pieces. Great detail and attention is given to every umbrella made and she has made well over a thousand in her lifetime. A current resident of New Orleans, you can find Kourtenay participating in the culture parading as a Babydoll, a historical female figure stemming from the 1800's. For more information visit www.queenoforleans.com ...more

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Showcasing in New Orleans, LA

PREMIERE at REPUBLIC NOLA (18+) – Apr 29, 2020 @7:00PM