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Visual Art – Brisbane, QLD

Rachael Foley completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts (BCA) at the School of Visual and Performing Arts, UTAS in 2005 and has been working and exhibiting since then. Rachael’s work plays into notions of chance, using gestural marks and the substance of her material to conjure and inspire her forms. She evokes images of the organic and the viscous through her processes. Her palette is reminiscent of earthy tones found in the natural world. At times Rachael's work can appear to be almost figurative, the flow and depth of the gestural curves result in forms that could be likened to human form or fractured internal body parts. Influenced from the organic world, Rachael’s paintings appear to have a certain duality represented in the figurative forms she portrays along with the evocative abstract landscape forms. Sourcing her themes within, Rachael paints from moment to moment, with no preconception of which direction she will go. The images she produces are determined by her subconscious thoughts, she uses her intuition and emotional standpoint as a guide. ...more

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Showcasing in Brisbane, QLD

EVOKE at The Met (18+) – 19 Sep 2019 @ 6:30PM