Raina Virginia
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Photography – Phoenix, AZ

I was raised in a movie loving family with an art teacher as a mother, a father with a deep love of film and music, and siblings who always joined me in my world of make believe. I grew up performing music, studying theater, and painting my heart out. Combined with my southwestern surroundings, these elements heavily influenced my artistic outlook. As an artist, I reflect my lifestyle through travel, fashion, social responsibilities, supporting local arts/businesses, and collaborating with other young local artists. One of the most rewarding projects of 2019 has been an event I run called the QuadShot Meetup. QuadShot is a monthly event for local photographers, models, stylists, makeup artists, and brands to collaborate on shoots, network, and challenge each other. Working in this atmosphere as a collective is a valuable element reminiscent of my time on sets, and in film school. Studying film was the best decision I could have made because it led me to explore my love of cinematography and the interest I had for experimenting with framing, color, and composition. Naturally, I turned to photography. With our fast-paced, Instagram driven world, photography has been feeling oversaturated and bland. Venturing into mixed media has allowed me to reenvision my photos through a lens of story and substance rather than likes and retweets. ...more