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Beauty – San Diego, CA

Born & Raised in Miami, Fl. I started cutting hair at 14yrs old. I soon left to the Marines 5 years later. After cutting hair everywhere from the barracks in North Carolina to the van pads in Iraq, once it was time to get out the Marines in 2009, with a wife and son, a decision had to be made to go home to Miami or stay in San Diego, Ca. And after hard planning and dedication, the decision to stay in California and open a barber shop was made and Rawknykz Barber Shop was thought into existence. (pronounced, Rok+Nix) Rawknykz Barber Shop opened to the public Feb 2011. Catering to the local students, professional athletes, business men and the military personnel in the area, the barber shop today is a staple in the community. Since my last time at Raw, in 2014, we're about to hit 8 years at the barber shop, I had my daughter, graduated with my Bachelors in Organizational Leadership at National University, and I have been the resident barber at BuzzFeed in LA for the past year and a half. Teaching classes at local barber schools and judging barber events throughout the country, it's been a great ride! ...more