Rebecca Morgan
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Beauty – Las Vegas, NV

I was born in Los Angeles and raised all over Southern California. I have always had art and music in my life. From my mother singing and playing guitar, to spending time with my father in smoky radio stations when he was a radio DJ. The smell of vinyl filling my lungs. Fascinated with all things Disney as a child. Obsessing over the brush strokes seen in the movement of the old animated films. I furiously sketched and painted. Later changing my soundtrack to bands like The Smiths- my sketchbook turned to darker things but always whimsical. I did a lot of expressing myself through my personal appearance and decided to attend cosmetology school in my late teens, in an effort to combine my art with beauty. Relocated from California to Las Vegas roughly 15 years ago, I broke into the cosmetics industry and joined the national education team of a major cosmetics retailer. As part of that team I was formally trained by national artists from several branches of the field. In 2010 I joined the special FX makeup team for one of the country’s largest haunted attractions, Fright Dome. I became the lead artist for Fright Dome until 2017. It continued to inspire and allowed me to grow as an artist. I am a full time freelance artist working in Las Vegas. I’m also a full time mom, homeschooling my son. Within the last year I have expanded my art to canvas painting and crafting . In November of 2018, I became a tour guide for Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum. My own style now is to combine beauty with darkness and create something truly unique. ...more