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RedGoldGreenArtworks by Lynne Campbell

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Visual Art – Toronto, ONT

I’m Lynne Campbell, and I am an Artist, Painter, and Musician from Toronto, Canada. Welcome to my new Etsy shop! When you invest in Art you invest in something that can be passed down through the ages and will never depreciate; in fact, Art will always increase in value over time. A piece of Art that truly speaks to you can not only make you feel special, but it can make your workplace or home feel extra special as well. Decide today to embrace something timeless, as all Art is, captured in paint and infused with positive energy and thus, high frequency vibrations that will set the tone for something, or someone, important. My paintings are inspired by my Spirituality, my Ancestry, and my love of Nature (my Great Great Grandmother, Lilian Nation, was from Africa, my mom, Palm, was Italian and my Dad, Frederick, was of Scottish and British descent; further back in my family I have Spanish and First Nations Ancestors, and I honour them all along with my family’s wonderful, blended cultures). My works are created from a place of love and compassion in my soul. There are always more pieces to come and I also do Custom orders if you have a particular theme in mind that you’d like me to express in an abstract way in Red, Gold, and Green. My Gallery Shop! FOR LARGER PIECES (11” x 17” and bigger canvases... I will be posting my larger pieces on my Gallery Website at: Please visit it often as my first several pieces will be up for sale by the end of the first week of July 2019. These will be larger than 8 X 10 paintings on canvas for those who are seeking bolder statement pieces to enjoy and to share. I also do drawings and poster art which you can view on my Instagram page iwrite_idraw Shop Policies & Gallery Policies (see above link)... All Sales Are Final No Refunds - No Returns I never haggle when it comes to Art; whether I am the one buying or the one selling. The Artist, whatever form of expression they use, places a certain value on each and every creation, and I respect that value. Read Less I am an Abstract Artist from Toronto who paint in Acrylic on Canvas, but only in Red, Gold, and Green and their unique blends. See me on Etsy and Wix! ...more

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Showcasing in Toronto, ONT

STELLAR at Mod Club (19+) – 13 Nov 2019 @7:00PM, 14 Nov 2019 @7:00PM, 15 Nov 2019 @7:00PM

Exhibiting on: 13 Nov 2019 @7:00PM