Visual Art – Los Angeles

Reena Tolentino, was born and raised in Los Angeles. She graduated with a BA in Communication Studies from CSUN. Art was something she enjoyed creating besides her scholastic endeavors. Reena had her first art show in Downtown Art Walk, she's been a part of group art shows at the Stone Malone Gallery & the Casper house on Abbot Kinney, CA. She had her first solo art show on August 6, 2016 (Andy Warhol birthday). The series was called "Hollywood Icons of 1990: Gone But Never Forgotten." Reena has made appearances at 2015 & 2016 Street Art Fair, she also attended Art Basel Miami 2016 and the LA Art Show 2017. Reena is primarily a painter, but she has dabbed into the street art realm. You may see some of her stencil work in Miami and Los Angeles with a girl wearing glasses that says "I'M A SHOPARAZZI". She's also doing a street art campaign with TEACHR, 'Learn2Earn'. Reena has explored materials such as oils and acrylics and glitter and then adopted acrylics as her medium of choice for its ability to capture and captivate a myriad of colours. She takes advantage of the acrylics bold vibrant colors to stand out as an accent to any environment. Reena's art pieces are inspired by pop art, Rorschach inkblots and a variety of images that highlight contemporary art styles. Her graphic treatment to her paintings resemble stencil art and bold shapes. She continues to explore new styles to develop new techniques and flexibility of expression in her paintings. Outside of Reena's bright, cheerful personality her paintings can express otherwise exploring dark expressions of tragedy, sinister behavior, and human sexuality. One could say she has a dark side... interest in painting the dead.