Refaya Turshin

Photography – Toronto

Refaya Turshin (c.1994) is a Bangladeshi born, Toronto-based fine artist and photographer whose work focuses on hybrid photography and combining other interdisciplinary to photography. Her known works' explores interrelationship between Fashion, Photography, Sustainability, and Design . Turshin is the creator behind the contemporary eco-wear RT, which participated in Fashion Art Toronto Spring and Summer Collection in April 2023. Her work with Fashion Art Toronto was interviewed by writer Rebecca Rose Taylor and published on Saint Felix Dekingsey Volume 24 N 6 June 2023. Turshin takes interest in abstract, structured, rendered, conceptually theorised contemporary art and is often inspired by the "less is more" concept. She allows her work to express a message as well as make the audience feel visually at the colours and concept. In her practice; she experiments with mixed media/medium, which includes glass, Japanese silk, chiffon, cotton fabric, recycled garments and materials, wood, etc. Her most common practice of medium is exploring movement of photographs captured by her of architectural structure by printing them on Japanese silk organza, which she fabricates herself. "One garment, one body, viewed, angled, and styled in many different ways…as an architectural figure would.", quotes Turshin.