[HAFSA] Profile Picture
Fashion – Dallas, TX

Renee Miche'al Jones, known as HAFSA, specializes in creating ready-to-wear fashion. As a City of Dallas Cultural Artist, Renee conducts workshops introducing youth to African textiles. She infuses the techniques into her apparel art. Adinkra stamping, Adire tie-dye, Batik, Dahomey Applique & Text Art are the textiles she directs her attention to. Renee started designing at age nine and continued her love for fashion as she studied the discipline at the University of Texas at Austin. After leaving Austin she made Houston, Texas her home where she launched her first clothing lines: She's Ever Real (Women's RTW) and Nookie J's Swimwear. She returned to her hometown Dallas where she now combines all of her apparel art under one umbrella, "Designs by [HAFSA]". ...more