Ricky Rebel

Music – Los Angeles - Hollywood

I\'m totally a RAWartist. I grew up in the LA area and I formed my Rock Band Ricky Rebel in the spring of 2011. Before the band, I was signed to Sony MJJ Records with the pop group called No Authority. We had some success and toured Europe Twice. After that the group was signed by Madonna on her Maverick Record label. We released another self titled album called \"No Authority\" and my life changed forever. We had a radio hit called \"Can I Get Your Number?\" and opened up for Britney Spears on a worldwide tour. I\'m a Raw artist because after the whole boy band thing faded, I picked myself up from the ashes and completely re-invented myself. I ditched the whole tracked pop thing and formed a kickass Rock/Pop Band. I am building my fan base from the ground up. I\'m handling everything that the labels used to do for me. My work is 100% authentic because I write and produce and perform my own music. I transformed myself from a puppet to a self made unmanufactered artist. My bandmates and I have done numerous shows in and around the sunset strip including the Key Club, Viper Room, The House of Blues, and The King King. We just want a place to perform and Rock out and show our unique exciting performance to an audience that Is A. Already there and B. Ready to have some major fun. That\'s really what I\'m all about. Having Fun. Please contact me if you are interested. We are ready to Rock the stage. Thanks