Visual Art – Calgary

Born and raised in island nation Sri Lanka, known as the “Pearl of the Indian ocean”. Tropical plants, animals and landscapes never failed to amaze me. Evergreen rain forests and deep blue ocean have inspired me to recreate patterns of nature so close to my heart. Although I haven’t had any formal art education, I’ve never missed a learning opportunity. Training workshops and constant practice of new techniques continuously improve my skills. My educational background in biology, helps me to understand the patterns in nature. Free flowing acrylics and resin allow me to recreate patterns and rhythms of nature. It is impossible to create two identical pieces, because of the free-flowing nature of liquid paints. As an artist, I want to share the beauty of patterns in nature. At the same time, I want to raise awareness on the value of protecting these precious resources. Whether it is thousands of miles away from us or at our doorstep, our actions affect nature. Only we can protect this beautiful earth.