Road Runner

Music – Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh indie rockers Road Runner deliver a distinctly honest, yet haunting portrayal of the struggle between hope and desperation in their debut EP, “Greetings from the Wilderness,” which was recorded at Westlake Studios in Los Angeles, CA in August 2013. The album was written over a five-month period by singer/songwriter Ryan Solomon and longtime friend/guitarist Ryan Hoffman. Road Runner’s song “damned” can be heard on the trailer for the upcoming thriller film, “The Beautiful Dead,” from Writer/Director Kyle Rynicki. The band was also hailed as one of the top upcoming artists to watch on, a website that showcases emerging artists. In January 2014, Road Runner filmed two music videos in an abandoned church with Los Angeles filmmaker Matt Costa. The band hopes to broaden their audience upon their release, markedly with the new song “Two Beds,” which features Solomon’s 6-year-old daughter providing background vocals and percussion. Road Runner is currently working on the full-length follow up to “Greetings from the Wilderness.” The band has incorporated a group of talented musicians to expand their sound, including bassist Dan Greim and drummer Brian Davis. The group will play a number of shows over the next few months in support of their EP and to showcase new material.