Fox and The Law

Music – Seattle

Fox and The Law are reminiscent of the New York no wave movement frontmen Teenage Jesus and The Jerks and Richard Hell and the Voidoids, or even Tennessee’s Be Your Own Pet. Catching a wave on a riptide of chord progressions and surfing a cavalcade of staggered time measures, the band is Seattle’s next best export. -Sara Jayne Crow " intoxicating Seattle band with a blues twist like a lemon wedge on the rim of an electric lemonade...For those still seeking solace in late-night, smoky bars hoping to catch a whiff of the next 'big thing', keep an ear to the ground for Fox and the Law’s future. If the EP indicates a forthcoming full-length, this band could well propel itself out of the garage." -Performer Magazine Seattle ‘garage bands’ bring your notebook…This is how it’s done right. -Sound on the Sound