Rodolfo F Larrazolo

Performing Art – Ventura

Mr. Larrazolo was born in Mexico City and moved to Ventura County in 1994. Born and raised in the arts, Larrazolo started dancing to be taken out of his introvert-box not knowing where this wonderful craft would take him. A former student of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles-Rodolfo returned to study dance at Ventura College to train under Cathy Butter, Shelia Chima, Ellie Dikes and Krenely Guzman to name a few. Now a working performer in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, Rodolfo has started working with local high schools with their Drama and Dance Departments to help the artists of the future find their way. Rodolfo is now working at his families restaurant in Oxnard, Ca and working as a personal trainer on the side to friends and family members.