Rodrigo Wise
Rodrigo Wise Profile Picture
Visual Art – Mexico City

Artistic Profile Rodrigo Wise’s artwork depicts strong, mysterious gazes in female faces full of possibilities, opportunities and expectations. These are revealed throughout their intense characteristics, varied textures, shocking colors, disproportionate facial features, beauty gestures, as well as through Wise’s artistic traits such as drippings, brushstrokes, and brushwork traces. With a carefree style and free outlines, the artist captures in his paintings the richness and diversity of the facial expressions, giving each one a unique personality, a personal mark. He plays endlessly with the position, orientation and sizing of the eyes, making it the focal point in most of his pieces, for they communicate the artist’s dreams, ideas, desires and thoughts, in other words, his very essence. About his artworks Enchanted and wondrous by what lies in his characters’ minds and souls, Rodrigo Wise is an enthusiastic explorer of the human psyche. The artist allows himself an immeasurable freedom on the canvas that is felt through his multiple tonalities, visual effects, and combinations. His creations possess a plentiful spontaneity and ingenuity that derives in pure beauty, either in a celebration of contrasts, shapes and figures. The artist embellishes his creations with all kinds of visual elements, such as light, shadows, stains, and above all, natural and simple facial gestures. With striking eyes, straight noses and sensual mouths, Rodrigo Wise depicts the dynamism of the self, represented in his artwork by women´s faces. The uniqueness and expressive power of the facial features he paints, speak to us of a creative and imaginative mix between the faces and the painting itself. ...more