Rubenesque Latex

Fashion – Boston

Rubenesque Latex was created to address a painful lack of tailored Latex garments for non-enhanced, curvy females. On a trip to Canada in 2010 with my partner Nyxx Noir, I fell in love with gorgeous, high-end latex at a popular fetish boutique. I had never felt something so incredible! No words capture the look of fully shined latex flowing over a curvy body. We ordered sheeting the following week so Nyxx could create some outfits; I was curious enough to pick up a rotary Blade, and here we are! I have been in business under a year; February 2012 was my first-ever fashion show at the Fetish Flea. After a ton of inquiries, I have started taking commissions to help other curvy, gorgeous bodies out there really look fabulous in latex. I enjoy working with creative minds; some of my commissions have been very unique in scope. I recently got serious about Rubenesque Latex as a career; I quit my job as a Massage therapist in June and decided to give my full attention to something I have real passion for. While I enjoy the high shine and feel of traditional Latex, I am proud to be one of a few designers using a new process that allows Latex to be worn without lubricants, which opens up Latex wear to a whole new audience of people. I work with a wide range of latex styles, and try to keep my collection varied enough to offer a wide range of prices. I have