Makeup By Sabina

Beauty – Phoenix

\"Pretty is something you\'re born with...BEAUTIFUL...That\'s an equal opportunity adjective\" My name is Sabina. I am a freelance makeup artist. I suppose being labeled as a “raw artist” really suits me because my skills are as raw as it gets. I have never stepped foot in a classroom for makeup. Everything I have learned I learned on my own through trial and error and hours in front of a mirror. I started out doing my own makeup as well as friends\' makeup since junior high and experimenting in my bathroom. Makeup is my passion and like art for me. A face is like my canvas. I started doing it professionally after I did some pin-up and alternative modeling and received tons of compliments on my own makeup. After that I was asked to volunteer my time as a makeup artist for a fashion show at Collins College. During the show I had a line of models specifically waiting for me. It was very humbling. Since then I have been working with the photographers that I\'ve modeled for and have been doing makeup for their models. I have also done makeup for ladies that were referred to me by models I have worked on and by my friends. After that, my client list has increased by mostly word of mouth. I have worked with brides, models, and photographers with all different styles. I am constantly learning and improving, and I am loving the many opportunities I have been given through this venture. More than anything else I am just glad that I have a place where I fit in with my passion for makeup and spunky style and personality. I would love to eventually really make a name for myself and just do makeup full-time. You can find my work on my online port or my makeup/business page at: